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Always a Happily Ever After

She's a wicked widow and he's a devlish Rogue, what could go wrong?


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Secrets with the Marquess

Journey Beaumont knows the importance of her name and her lineage. Journey Beaumont has always understood the importance of controlling her freedom. Her Jamaican mother impressed upon her the importance of staying strong and knowing herself. When her father’s greedy business partner feels cheated out of his inheritance and decides to gain access to it by coercing her to marriage, her only choice is to hide. With only one hundred and forty-two days to her twenty-first birthday and her full inheritance, keeping her identity a secret should be easy if it weren’t for the charms of her new handsome employer.

Archibald Huxley, The Marquess of Aberdeen, had given up fighting after losing his wife. Vowing to never allow a cause to consume him again, he focuses all his love and attention on his only child. Hiring a governess to care for his daughter was the only sensible solution. However, he was not suspecting to find one as beautiful and charming as Journey Beaumont. He wanted to uncover all her secrets. What he did not expect was her to light a fire in him, awakening a long-buried need for justice. Will they allow their secrets to tear them apart or will they discover them one scandalous kiss at a time?

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Ruined by the Bachelor Marquess

Will a second chance at love be enough to heal old wounds?

He failed everyone…especially her.

Henry Livingstone, the Marquess of Heartford, was destroyed by the fire that claimed his sister’s life. Haunted by her death, he fled his home and the woman he loved. When he finally returns to restore his family’s wealth, he’s met with his demons, both old and new, including Lady Julia St. John, his former fiancée and the woman he scandalously abandoned at the altar.

Once a diamond of the first water, Lady Julia St. John is a victim of cruel gossip and shunned from society. To salvage her pride, she focuses on family and rediscovers a passion for painting. Never did she imagine that she would ever see the Marquess of Heartford again…or face her utterly unresolved feelings for him. She should hate him…but hate is the last thing she feels.

When sparks fly under the same roof and attraction eclipses heartbreak, Henry and Julia are left with a choice—take the risk and fight their way to a second chance at love, or walk away forever.

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The Bachelor Duke


The Bachelor Duke meets a beautiful, curvaceous lady.

Remington Warren, The Duke of Carrington, lives his life by the name society has thrust upon him. Having witnessed cruelty against the fairer sex with his own eyes, he vows never to marry to prevent himself from becoming like the monster who raised him. After ten years of being The Bachelor Duke, his life is irrevocably changed when he sees Lady Olivia St. John across the ballroom floor. 

Having lived a sheltered, pampered life, surrounded by her loving family, Lady Olivia St. John longs to know passion and love. She is beautiful, bold, and has a rather large dowry. According to society, she would be a diamond in the first water of this season if it wasn’t for her one flaw.

Will she find all she longs for and more in the arms of The Bachelor Duke, or will heartbreak be her demise?

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